SONGBOOK NEWS: New Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook is here

The new songbook is ready, in time for next week – Wednesday, September 25. It has 30 new songs and sundry changes to old ones, so steel yourself for surreptitious office printing or flagrant tablet downloading.

The 218-page book features such marvels as The Bare Necessities, Brimful of Asha, Cecilia, Closing Time, Crazy (Seal and Gnarls Barkley), Dancing in the Dark, Heroes, Mad World, Under the Bridge and Zombie. If this weren’t enough to persuade you, it will also have wildly different page numbers, so be ready or risk being left behind like this penguin.


I'm a ukulele teacher. Started Ukulele Wednesdays - free London Ukulele Jam, KaraUke - You Sing We Play Ukulele and Learn To Uke - Teaching Adults to play uke in an hour.

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3 comments on “SONGBOOK NEWS: New Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook is here
  1. Anke - BC, Canada says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your songbook with all the ukulele lovers in the world. This is a great gift for all of us.

  2. maggie francis says:

    cannot download song book…

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