Welcome to Ukulele Wednesdays new online home!

We all play ukulele every Wednesday at the Albany, Great Portland Street, and the Royal George, Goslett Yard, in London. Come and join us! Everyone’s welcome who has a voice and/or a ukulele. For info (including the songbook, teachers, links to other ukulele sites, hints and tips), audio, etc – email ukegottobekidding@googlemail.com, then go along to the Albany, Great Portland Street and play with the friendly and wonderful people in the basement.  If you want a bit more online activity, head over to twitter and facebook. See you there?

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Background info… Started off by Lorraine Bow in 2007, Ukulele Wednesdays is a fully fledged night with lots of people who come to play uke together. Hear some early audio recordings by Fred on the myspace