Ukulele Wednesdays Happens in THREE London Locations…

Ukulele Wednesdays is now in 3 locations.

  1. The Albany, Great Portland Street which tends to be a busier, young crowd.
  2. The Royal George, Goslett Yard, Opp Denmark Street off Charing Cross Road.  This is the original Ukulele Wednesdays, it got very busy but it’s a quieter night now, and tends to be for people who’ve played for a while.
  3. The Castle, E17, a new night which is set up for the residents of Walthamstow.

You can read more about the venues, and find out how to chat to the members of each group here.  Or, just grab one of the newly-published, brand spanking new songbooks via here.  What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and get involved!

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