Regent’s Park Ukulele (til it gets dark/you’re kicked out, then head to the Albany)

Fancy coming to play outdoors? If you want to join the facebook event, that’s here.

The last couple of times this has happened, we sat just off the Easternmost path, roughly in line with the end of Cambridge Gate.

If the description doesn’t work for you, here’s some google maps coordinates:
51.526743, -0.146065

See you there?

Lorraine x

**For anyone who doesn’t want to go outdoors, you are welcome to go to The Albany – Great Portland Street​.picnic

Know any more ukulele playing friends in London? Loads of people aren’t on the email list. For things like this, it’s handy, the news on email could save you an inconvenience of going to the wrong venue. Please make sure everyone you know is signed up so the news comes straight to yours and their inbox rather than in a social post that you might miss. Perhaps you could forward this email on to let your ukulele jamming friends know about this email list so that they can also join and know straight away if there are important updates like this in the future? Many thanks and look forward to strumming with you.
Those who are eagle eyed would have already seen this on FB or twitter, so sorry for any repetition. Look forward to strumming with you!

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