Happy Uke Year! Come for the 1st Strum of 2016!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year. It seems like forever ago that we were last at the Albany, but that’s about to be over. We’ll be back at the Albany tomorrow, for the first strum of 2016 on Wednesday 6 January. If you’re more local to The Royal George, or Walthamstow, please go there and say hello to everyone for me, but for those of you who are coming to Great Portland Street, I look forward to seeing you!
Strum with you soon amigos!
Lorraine x
Know any more ukulele playing friends in London? Loads of people aren’t on the email list. If you join and there’s a last-minute change of venue, it’s handy, as getting the news in your email inbox could save you the inconvenience of going to the wrong place, or missing a special event. Please make sure everyone you know is signed up so the news comes straight to yours and their inbox rather than in a social media post that you might miss. Please, pass on the sign up link so your friends don’t miss out, either. Many thanks and look forward to strumming with you.
If you’re not into email, there’s always FB or twitter, so you don’t miss a thing. Look forward to strumming with you!

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