Upcoming Ukulele Potential Picnics (Lemon Drizzle Dependent)


It’s been a while since we had a picnic. Mainly because the weather has been a bit like this – rather than the stable weather we’ve known before. Each time it’s been lovely weather, the day before it has been torrential rain or vice versa. So, it’s time to pop a few dates in the diary with a caveat in place that if it’s drizzly, we’ll head to our usual strumming social of choice at the usual time.

From Wednesday 13 July until Wednesday 31 August, there is a chance that picnics may occur. If it’s quieter at your usual playing place, that’s why.

Want to join? Where? Just off the Easternmost path, roughly in line with the end of Cambridge Gate.

If that description doesn’t work for you, here’s some google maps coordinates:
51.526743, -0.146065

See you there?

NB: Regardless of the alfresco acoustic sessions, we’ll be back at the Albany each time by 8:30pm, where it’s warm, and there are seats and toilets for those of us who like our creature comforts.

Strum with you soon!

Lorraine x

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