Tonight at the Albany…

Times they are-a-changin’…

Rather than it always being Lorraine leading at the Albany, there are lots of brilliant ukulele, bass, and other instrument (tuba, tenor sax?) players who can, and will be leading at the Albany. If you’d like to have a go, please drop Lorraine a line and she’ll get you going for a song, an hour or a whole evening.

Tonight’s (and the 3rd Wednesday of each month from now) Albany Takeover is from…



Teri & Emerson!

Who are Teri & Emerson?

They are both longtime Ukulele Wednesdays regulars, who most of you know already. Both are brilliant players and lovely men to say hello and enjoy a pint and a strum with, so it seems fitting that they keep you strumming on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

In their own words:

Teri Reed (Big Fluffy Bunny)


Far from his days as a teaboy on the Never Mind The Bollocks album, Teri is now an independent government consultant.
He first picked up a ukulele while helping the police with their enquiries in New Scotland Yard. The romantic fiction he writes in his spare time can be found on Amazon under a rather silly pseudonym…





Emerson (Ross Greenmore)

Emerson (Photo credit: James Millar)

I took up guitar as a teenager and spent many years trying to wrestle it into submission, but never really tested myself alongside like-minded players. The arrival, five years ago, of my first uke was a revelation, especially after discovering the pleasures of Ukulele Wednesdays. I have been known to dabble in bass and mandolin too. And the youthful hours I spent deconstructing my favourite songs are paying dividends.


Now you’ve ‘met’ them, it’s time to get yourself along to the Albany every third Wednesday and strum along with them!

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