Tonight at the Horse & Stables…

Did you know there’s a free gig organised by the George’s resident ukulele band, Ukiverse? Go along and join them. There will be spare ukuleles for you to use.
Ukiverse will kick things off, there will be 2 open mic sessions including an ad hoc session, a strum-a-long and then the headliners Ukevox, this is their website
Ukevox would everyone to join in with ‘Finland’ by Monty Python to help celebrate 100 years of Finland’s Independence. Apparently it’s quite easy (C, G and F), there will be song sheets and it’ll be up on the screen.
Ukevox are also going to play a set at the George on Wednesday at 7pm before the jam in place of the regular 3rd Wednesday open mic.
Know any more ukulele playing friends in London? Loads of people aren’t on the email list. For things like this, it’s handy, and getting the news in your inbox on email could save you an inconvenience of going to the wrong venue one week. Please make sure everyone you know is signed up so the news comes straight to yours and their inbox rather than in a social post that you might miss. Perhaps you could forward this email on to let your ukulele jamming friends know about this email list so that they can also join and know straight away if there are important updates like this in the future? Many thanks and look forward to strumming with you.
If you’re not into email, there’s always FB or twitter, so sorry for any repetition. Look forward to strumming with you!

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