History Lesson

Ukulele Wednesdays was the first free ukulele jam to emerge in London. It began in the humble corner of the basement in the Royal George in 2007, when Lorraine Bow started playing and found a group of like-minded strummers. They wanted a means to keep in touch, strum along with other ukulele players and ‘practice’ for longer than they would on their own, in every Londoner’s favourite setting – the pub.  Thankfully they weren’t alone in their desires. Now we all play ukulele every Wednesday. You can find us in one of a choice of 3 locations (as they all happen simultaneously. Grab yourself a free songbook, and then come along and join us! Everyone’s welcome who has a voice and/or a ukulele, whether you’re an absolute beginner, a virtuoso, an opera singer or a wobble board expert. We’ve even had a tenor sax and a flaming tuba come and join us. Why don’t you come too?

Throwback: Hear some early audio recordings by Fred on the myspace, and see some of those humble beginnings.