Christmas Songbook

Are you looking for Ukulele Christmas songs? Here you go, this is the latest (2017) Ukulele Wednesdays Christmas Songbook to keep you going for the Christmas Parties.

Before you download the Ukulele Wednesdays Christmas Songbook, would you do something nice for someone worse off than you? Donate an old ukulele? Cash to the homeless? Volunteer? Read more here.


Hope you enjoy this Christmas Ukulele Songbook, have a brilliant time, and strum one out for me!

Lorraine x

*In 2015 I caved in to peer pressure and Cee-Lo’d the song F*ck Christmas This year, I’ve ‘decked’ Christmas. Replacing all F words with the word deck. Despite me loving the song, I’d rather little ones didn’t see profanity. If you like it, you know what deck means, and the song will remain. Much like Valentine’s Day, not everyone likes Christmas, so, it’s only fair to have a few not so happy songs so people can express how they feel about this time of year.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Songbook

  1. I am very upset , and disappointed by the inclusion of the song Fuck Christmas. Was this really necessary ? Being such a nice crowd I am sad you have printed that disgusting song for all ages to see. Merry Christmas

  2. Many thanks for your updates for the Christmas Songbook. Much appreciated.
    Merry Christmas to all involved and may 2015 be a spectacular year for all.

  3. I agree with Steve’s comment and If people don’t like Christmas why would on earth would they want a Christmas songbook?

    • Much like Valentine’s Day, not everyone likes Christmas. It’s only fair that everyone can express their feelings about the time of year. Not everyone is a ‘Traditional Christmas fan’.

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