Ukulele Wednesdays is 8!

Wish the old girl a good one!


My my, how time flies when you’re having fun. Who would have thought that my addiction to replace smoking would last this long, let alone the night itself! As you know, there are 3 venues, at the same time, as we are now back at the Albany!

The Albany has now been refurbished, and it’s lovely in the basement. Plenty of booths and spaces for people to sit. Have you seen the pictures on twitter/facebook? The room is looking nice and it will be great to have a bit of room. So come along, grab some dinner with me from 6:30pm, and the strumming will start from 7:30pm. See you tomorrow?

Lorraine x

PS… please do check back here, as there will be some new songs published tomorrow!

Don’t Be A Fool… Join Us At The Albany on 1st April!

Ukulele Wednesdays At The Albany Great Portland Street

An idea of how things used to look. Who knows how it will look on 1st April after the refurbishment? We can’t wait!

I’ve been told, on very good authority that the Albany will be ready for us to return to on Wednesday 1st April. We’ll be bringing the new supplements along for you to play along to, if you want to grab a copy, here’s the first. Ukulele Wednesdays interim supplement v1point3. Come back to this page at 5pm on 1st April, and you should find another one to download to your tablet.

Look forward to seeing you from 6:30pm for food/drinks meeting new people, and strumming starts around 7:30pm.


Thank you for coming and enjoying the Tamesis Dock with us!

Thank you all so much for a wonderful time on the Tamesis Dock. It really was a swashbuckling time, and for the final one there was standing room only. Luckily that’s it for a while, and we’ll be back at the Albany on 1 April. Don’t be a fool and join us there!

If you missed it, then please do join our mailing list, here so that we email you about any exciting things to come!

Thank you to Gu, Karen and Ryan for these photos. If you took any photos on the night, please email them to me on lorraine[at] so that I can include them, and credit you, too.