Other places to play

As there’s been a bit of facebook activity asking about jams and clubs out of town, I’ve decided to make a page dedicated to other ukulele happenings. I guess, to begin with, it will be London and UK-centric, given that this is where we are, but if you want us to feature you on the map, please drop lorraine(at)learntouke(dot)co(dot)uk and we’ll pop you in, too. Everyone’s welcome!

One thought on “Other places to play

  1. Hi great to find your sight I heard about you guys through a friend whilst visiting my daughter in Peckham. I am retired lady and been Uking for a year with The Rutland Dukes we play every Monday night at the Railway pub Oakham Leicestershire. Just incase you are passing.
    I checked out your songs book and its great we have recently downloaded our song book in Foxit as it provides an index at the side and when you put your cursor on it the page comes up. Not sure if that’s helpful but just thought I would mention it to you.
    Regards Janet Jones .[ Saves an awful lot of scrolling have fun ]

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